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“John works on construction sites. Before meeting us John did not have a limited company and was always paying CIS without any refunds. After our initial chat we guided him on the correct way to save more money and set up his company. He now gains back refunds and has grown his business.”


“Jessica works in Canary Wharf as a consultant in the area of Anti Money Laundering. Her services are highly sought after. Jessica used to pay a high percentage of tax before she met us. After our review we deduced that she would be able to be more efficient with her investing activities and tax planning, she has since reduced her tax bill and has followed her dream of making her own honey.”


“Vijay started his company with no accountant he soon realised that the administration was more than he could bear by himself. To cut costs he asked a friend to do his take and soon HMRC was investigating his company. We looked into Vijay’s accounts and realised that he had no idea what he was doing. We helped him submit correct accounts and he is now able to work on his programming and app design without worrying about HMRC. We have also claimed some credits for his line of work.”