Expansion Services

Pivoting Businesses To Grow In Competing Markets.

expansion services

Employee Share Schemes

If you need help with employee share plans, our team can provide you with various options on the market and their tax advantages.

expansion services investment support

Investment Support

We are able to find investors that may want to invest in your start up business and can put you in touch with top financial advisors.

expansion services valuations


Over time your property and assets may increase in value, we have professionals who will be able to evaluate an estimation value of your home, painting or other personal item.

expansion services exit strategy

Exit Strategy

We provide consultation on business contingencies such as liquidating part of an asset or disposing of tangible assets depending on the market trend.

expansion services market research

Market Research

Our company can facilitate the viability of a new product and gain insight into the culture and buying habits of potential clients.

expansion services outsourcing


Our team is on hand to facilitate third party relations to lower your business costs, increase efficiency and focus more on core competencies.

expansion services diversification


We will help your business by offering guidance on the impact of introducing new products and services allowing you to make more informed decisions.

expansion services life cycle costing

Life Cycle Costing

Our advisors will provide you with a deep analysis of the total cost to install, operate, maintain, and dispose of an asset.

expansion services pricing decisions

Pricing Decisions

Our team can help facilitate the selling price for your product and service by utilising various pricing methods and taking into consideration internal and external factors.


expansion services for sole traders

Sole Traders

From £20 Per Month

expansion services for limited companies

Limited Companies

From £80 Per Month

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