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Payroll service ensures that all employees are paid on time and the company can meet its deadlines.

As a business owner, it is important to plan for your workloads in order to complete work within deadline standards and have peace of mind. Our fully managed payroll services help with this by ensuring timely payment of wages so you don’t have payroll errors or late payments which might put your reputation at risk as well as expose you legally if there’s an issue.

Payroll Services For UK Businesses Made Easy

Processing your employees’ pay takes hours and requires an incredible amount of diligence, but no worker wants to sit and wait for her pay. Your team wants to feel secure in the knowledge that they’ll be paid accurately and promptly – are you up to the task?

You need a reliable system up to date with the latest UK payroll legislation and a hand of payroll experts to protect your workers and your pursuit. Most importantly, you need a way to make payroll processing easy.

Payroll Services UK

Real-Time Information, (RTI), and automatic enrolment have brought about the biggest payroll changes to the United Kingdom in decades. Businesses now have to manage this massive task, particularly smaller organizations that often don’t have the human resources or the expertise in payroll.

As a payroll provider, we offer cost-effective payroll outsourcing services for UK businesses. You’ll get an outsourced payroll department working on your company behalf so you can focus on what you do best and gain peace of mind. Don’t burden yourself, let us take on your automatic enrolment and support your business.

payroll services in London, UK
KYC procedures

KYC Procedures

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer’s”, which means making sure everyone has met the requirements of the law so we can do business with them without running into legal issues later on down the line. We take care of all these procedures and get people fully onboarded!

payroll service UK

Monthly Payroll Numbers

Our payroll team takes care of your monthly numbers so you don’t have to. We specialize in balancing the books, ensuring that we can get allowed returns sent back to our clients as soon as possible after they are due. We set up access and take on your monthly number crunching so you never have to worry about it again.

HMRC lodgement services

HMRC Lodgement

We prepare and submit your paperwork to HMRC (and pension scheme if applicable). You don’t have to worry about paperwork! We’ve got you covered.

payroll reporting services

Payroll Reporting

Here at Simply Tax Advisory, we make it easy for you to get your payroll reporting. We email the relevant payslips and numbers breakdowns straight from our system directly onto yours, so all that’s left is a quick review!

PAYE & NI services in London, UK


PAYE & NI is a hassle-free payment service that makes it easy to give your employees the salary they deserve. One of the most important aspects of our Payroll Service is that we make it really simple for a business like yours to find out about your obligations, so you can do everything properly – without any worries or confusion!

Payroll set-up services in London, UK

Payroll Set-Up

Setting up your payroll can be a tedious task, but luckily our team of professionals has got you covered. If you need to get set up with your payroll software to make sure that everything is running smoothly or need to review and organise your books, we’ve got you covered.

Payroll Accounting

Your company’s payroll goes well beyond keeping track of work hours for each employee and payments. It has to take on individual salaries, wages, net and gross pay, tax and deductions based on payroll regulations. 

Timesheets, work time cards and employment contracts document each person’s earnings and taxes. UK employers use the HMRC’s Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, all of which must be followed carefully to help the business stay open and continue to earn a profit.

Your payroll accounting department manages the recording, settlement and distribution of wages and ensures you stay in compliance with HMRC. Payroll accounting results are the basis for the calculation of payroll costs, and the associated social expenses in company accounting.

With our help, you can maintain your company’s master personnel data, send HMRC relevant pay deductions and maintain any employee forms. Our payroll accountants are experts in the fields of labour law, payroll tax law and social security law so you always stay above board and aligned with your business needs.

payroll accounting
business payroll in London, UK

Business Payroll

The UK payroll system is known as Pay As You Earn (PAYE). Businesses in the country need to follow this taxation process for their employees. All new workers must show up with a P45 tax record and enter into a contract before starting work.

Employers also have to pay income taxes on behalf of their staff members using PAYE, unless they’ve outsourced it to a managed payroll services that specialize in employee management services like HR solutions or other payroll services provider who can take over business processes more efficiently than one-time employers.

When we talk about Business Payroll, you have to know that all your employees have a right to request a payslip from you to see a breakdown of their deductions and earnings before tax. Employers are obligated to share this information due to a law passed in 1991 called the Payment of Wages Act. But you don’t have to take care of it if your main goal is to outsourcing your payroll.

This is only a small taste of the high level of bookkeeping employers need to comply with laws, keep a business running, and earn the trust of their employees.

For more information about Business Payroll, managed Payroll Service, Payroll solutions for UK businesses, payroll processing or Corporate Payroll Services, feel free to fill the contact form below and we will reach out shortly to answer any questions.

Payroll Services For Small Business

If your business runs on a smaller ship and don’t have human resources, you have lots of great options to get a cost-effective and fully managed payroll service that can help you with payroll, auto-enrolment, pension scheme, data security and more. Also, save you money and offer you reliable support. These two styles fit most modest organizations.

  • Pay-as-You-Go payroll
  • Part-managed payroll service

Taking your small business payroll online can help you get back to the day to day operations of your business while a program and team of dedicated techies manage your company’s money.

For more information, please visit Payroll Services for Small Business page.

Payroll services for small business

Workers who feel frustrated with payroll come to work unmotivated and perform significantly worse than those who know they can trust the boss to pay them what they’re owed right on time.

Will you be that boss?


payroll services for sole traders

Sole Traders

From £20 Per Month

payroll services for limited companies in London, UK

Limited Companies

From £80 Per Month

Let Us Help

It’s essential you keep your payroll moving and never have to face a month or week when you can’t pay your team. Contact us today to organize your payroll services and let us take on the massive amount of work payroll requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term ‘payroll’ refers to the workers in a company, their information plus how much money they are paid by their employer. It is often used when we discuss calculating what an employee should be paid and taxes owed for them. The Definition Of Payroll: “Payments made at regular intervals,” according to Dictionary Meanings. Learn how to set up Payroll

Your payroll number is how the company distinguishes between each employee. At your job, you’ll usually find this on a payslip or in an email from HR with your contract and wage details.

Your payroll reference number can be found on your detailed payslip at the top of the page under “Reference No.”

This question is something of a tricky one. The cost will depend on the size and number of employees you have, as well as other factors such as payroll system requirements or tax registration types.

We offer KYC Procedures, Monthly Payroll Numbers, HMRC Lodgement, Payroll Reporting, PAYE & NI and Payroll Set-Up.

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