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You opened your business to do what you do best, but do you know how to ensure you can keep up with HMRC regulations, how to comply with PAYE, and how to properly deduct or claim expenses? If not, you need payroll services for small business.

Payroll solutions for small businesses in the United Kingdom can take on several different forms. If you run a larger operation, these two options may serve you better when it comes to managing your payroll.

Fully-Managed Payroll Service

If you run a large business with lots of employees or if you run a small operation and don’t want to hire a bookkeeper, this is your best bet. 

A fully managed payroll services for business owners takes over the finer details of your payroll to ensure everyone logs hours gets paid and complies with HMRC regulations to a tee.

Hosted Payroll Software

This cloud-based option automates a large part of your small business payroll. Set up alerts for inconsistencies in paperwork, send out e-payslips, and host it all on secure servers.

Having a hosted Payroll software is watertight. It highlights any abuse or shady movements in your accounts right away so you can manage the problem the moment you see it.

Payroll services KYC procedures for small business

KYC Procedures

We take care of all the KYC procedures and get you fully onboarded

Payroll services in the UK

Monthly Payroll Numbers

We set up the necessary access to your records and take on your monthly payroll numbers so we can get you the returns you’re due

Payroll services HMRC Lodgement for small business

HMRC Lodgement

We prepare and submit your paperwork to HMRC (and pension scheme if applicable). Let the experts at our team of payroll specialists help you!

Payroll reporting services for small business in London

Payroll Reporting

We email you the relevant payslips and numbers breakdown for your team

Payroll services PAYE & NI for small business


We keep payment details for PAYE & NI transparent and easy to access

Payroll SET-UP services for small business

Payroll Set-Up

If you need to get set up with your payroll software or need to review and organise your books so that all financial records are up-to-date and accurate., we’ve got you covered.

Small Business Payroll

If your business runs on a smaller ship, you have lots of great options to outsource your payroll. These two styles fit most modest organizations that are looking for Small Business Payroll Services.

Pay-As-You-Go Payroll

The most flexible option for small businesses or business owners. This lets you help fill in a position if someone goes on maternity leave or falls ill, or get extra help during your busy season. We can help with all aspects of your small business, including setting up and maintaining the processes necessary to pay employees on time each week as well as handling every other administrative aspect like taxes and benefits. Get relief from long hours spent managing day-to-day tasks.

Part-Managed Payroll Service

This is a cost/effective and helping hand that arrives when it’s time to file taxes, at the end of the fiscal period, or whenever your bookkeeping staff feels overwhelmed. That’s why we offer our part-managed payroll services – so you can focus on what really matters: running your company.


Save On Money And Time

Payroll outsourcing is an excellent way to save money. This includes upfront costs, as well as the savings throughout the fiscal year when you are not paying for in-house staff and training. The streamlined system ensures that your employees never overpay their wages, which can happen even with diligent payroll management by a small business owner like yourself!

Finding a good service provider saves you upfront but also provides tremendous financial benefits during the entire fiscal year without having to pay someone full time or train them internally on how things work around here!

Outsourcing payroll services is a great way to save time and keep business running smoothly. By outsourcing, you can find errors much faster and make sure your team always gets paid on time with accurate payments by using an online service or accounting professional.

A well-managed payroll provider for you and your team means everyone can come to work confidently by knowing money is on the way. You can work smarter and harder without the stress of RTI reporting, BACs, or juggling payslips.

Online Payroll Services For Small Business

If your business runs on a smaller ship and don’t have human resources, you have lots of great options to get a cost-effective and fully managed payroll service that can help you with payroll, auto-enrolment, pension scheme, data security and more. Also, save you money and offer you reliable support. These two styles fit most modest organizations.

Payroll outsourcing means making sure you find the best payroll provider with a great service that is also compliant with UK legislation. Any group should be easy to get on the phone, quick to respond to problems, and happy to help.

If you choose to take your payroll online, check the security of your cloud-based servers hosting your data, how much training you and your team will need to get set up, and the level of transparency. If you need to see your employee earnings for the past two years, make sure you can get that data accurately and on time with or without help from your payroll service provider.

online payroll services for small business

A payroll solution should be a simple, affordable service that fits your business needs. Talk to our accounting specialists today about payroll setup and ongoing management of your company’s payroll taxes. Let us make starting your business even easier.


Payroll Services Cost

A quick breakdown of our basic services to get you started:


For Payroll Return Up To 2 Employees.

£5/month add-on

For Payroll Returns For Employees Between 3-10

£10/month add-on

For Payroll Returns For Employees Between 11-25


For Auto-Enrolment Pension Returns Up To 2 Employees

£5/month add-on

For Auto-Enrolment Pension Returns For Employees Between 3-10

£10/month add-on

For Auto-Enrolment Pension Returns For Employees Between 11-25

If you don’t see the Bookkeeping Service you need or if you have questions about what we can do for your business, please contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need to make sure you’re lodging the correct tax forms, have your tax numbers, know how to calculate and withhold income taxes and more. Be mindful, that doing your company’s payroll on your own costs less, but is time-consuming and prone to errors. Outsourcing your Payroll is a great and cost/effective solution similar to having an in–house payroll staff.

This will depend on the size of the business, how many employees and the history of the business. Payroll services such as those offered by Simple Tax Advisory are customized just to what our clients and business needs. Our processes and automation over the years running payroll have allowed us to make payroll processing simple and very affordable.

Payroll solutions for your businesses should be a simple, affordable service that fits your company needs. Payroll solutions should be personal and approached as a win-win partnership. Talk to our specialists today about payroll setup and ongoing management of your company’s payroll taxes. Let us make starting your business even easier.

Look at it a different way. What cost you by not outsourcing your payroll? We understand small business owners should be spending more time on sales and delighting their customers, not buried in the books. We know how hard it is for small businesses to keep a tight budget, especially with the current market turmoil. Our affordable payroll service will save you money and give your business more stability. We can help get your business where you want it to be!

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