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It’s time to get your business organized. Let our specialists help you put together a plan for the year, and give you all of the resources that will keep everything in order – so much more than just bookkeeping!

Bookkeeping For Small Business
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After you meet a potential client for lunch, what do you do? Most of us likely forget about it, get back to the office and hurry to our desks.

If you’re a smart bookkeeper, you’ll ask for an official copy of the receipt from lunch and then deduct it from your taxes. Moves like that can save you thousands when it comes time to pay taxes, but it requires good bookkeeping for small businesses in order to catch those money-saving moments.

Solid bookkeeping for small businesses also helps you get a loan when it comes time to ask for a loan from the bank. All banks need financial statements that break down your expenses and revenue, but you’ll need solid bookkeeping to get it.

Want to catch invoice mistakes, make sure you cancel any sneaky subscription fees, and track your expenses? Friend, your small business needs help from a bookkeeping business.

KYC procedures

KYC Procedures

We take care of all the KYC procedures and get your fully onboarded

monthly payroll numbers

Monthly Payroll Numbers

We set up the necessary access to your records and take on your monthly payroll numbers so we can get you the returns you’re due

HMRC lodgement

HMRC Lodgement

We prepare and submit the your paperwork to HMRC (and pension scheme if applicable)

payroll reporting

Payroll Reporting

We email the you the relevant payslips and numbers breakdown for your team



We keep payment details for PAYE & NI transparent and easy to access

payroll set-up

Payroll Set-Up

If you need to get set up with your payroll software or need to review and organise your books, we’ve got you covered.

Bookkeeping Services For Small Business

Basic bookkeeping for your small business starts with a breakdown of what expenses count as personal and what classifies as a work expense. That simple separation makes sure the government has a clear idea of what you earn, spend, and your net profit to keep your work clicking along.

All transactions fall into the categories of credits and debits. A bookkeeping business makes sure your credits and debits balance, essentially double-checking your numbers as you buy and earn.

Bookkeeping services include regular services, like the following:

  • Find you the best software to use between yourself and your accountant
  • Help you create an accounting system you can use daily to track your money
  • Categorize your transactions
  • File tax forms
  • Organize and store your documents for easy access at tax time
  • Digital storage of your receipts and records and transactions
  • Build up good habits to help your business save time and make more money

Do you need some bookkeeping help for your small business? We’ve got you covered. Or read our Basic Bookkeeping for Small Business Owners guide.

bookkeeping services for small business in London, UK
Bookkeeping For Small Business UK

Bookkeeping For Small Business UK

Bookkeeping for small businesses in the UK can scale to fit your exact needs. You may need seasonal help, one-time help, or regular check-ins from a service to make sure your records are nice and neat.

Small businesses in the UK need to keep up with their bookkeeping to make sure no one overpays at tax time, can ask for and get the proper deductions, and that all expenses are properly labeled.

For example, a floral shop can have a small staff of four people, but a wild list of expenses and partners in order to keep up with orders and a living stock of products. You might list your business software in the same category as green foam or baby’s breath, but a bookkeeper sees those as wildly different.

By keeping a track record of all your expenses, separating them into clear categories and helping you find ways to list your costs perfectly, your bookkeeping service can keep your doors open. Payroll can also fall into their purview to make sure your checks get added to your expenses and the government knows exactly what your workers earn.

Are you ready to hand us your books so we can break them down for you? Click to schedule a consultation and find out more about how much our service can help you with bookkeeping right away!


Bookkeeping Service Cost

A quick breakdown of our basic services to get you started:


Starting from

If you don’t see the Bookkeeping Service you need or if you have questions about what we can do for your business, please contact us today.

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Are you ready to hand us your books so we can break them down for you? Click to schedule a consultation and find out more about how much our service can help you with bookkeeping right away!

Why Choose Simple Tax Advisory Bookkeeping Services For Small Business?

At STA, our attention to detail combined with our knowledge and our care for your business to ensure your bookkeeping is done accurately every time. Our work directly reflects your company’s requirements to help speed along your business decisions.

We report and present the information you need right on time, keep the workings of your taxes transparent and help you get every deduction and return you’re due. We approach your bookkeeping proactively, catching issues before they become problems.

We want you to focus on the day to day workings of your company and never have to worry about your finances. That’s why we take on any work necessary to keep your accounts in great shape.

Bookkeeping Services for small companies in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping service for small businesses start from £20/hour

Every business is different. Please contact us so we can find the best way to serve you and keep your books in good shape.

Unless you have experience in bookkeeping and a certification, a bookkeeping service or bookkeeper on staff is a smart move for your company.

Let us help! We can give you a consultation, seasonal help, or ongoing bookkeeping for your company so you can focus on what you do best – running your organization.

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